Important Points Summarized Below:
As of now, no limit on rental fees. No limit to rentals.
No limitations on delivery area (however, deliveries are limited only to Taiwan).
As long as equipment is rented,
shipping is free of charge

※Limited to new members of our website   
※ Must schedule at least one month in advance

Become a member on our site:
After becoming a member,
when filling out a rental form
remember to write your account number in the remarks section below.
This is so we are able to search for your information~

See the list of available rentals:

Link to rental request form:

#old and returning customers will have discounts
# please look forward to it!

1. Must keep in accordance with all activity requirements in order to qualify for shipping exemptions.
2. Xtreme Taiwan reserves the right to modify, change, and terminate activities at any time. In the case of unsettled matters, it will depend on relevant provisions of the organizers or explanations. Any changes to activity content during an event will be announced on the event website. No prior notice will be given.