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You can also click “Register” and follow the instructions step by step to sign up. When the registration is completed, you will receive a “Sign up success notification” e-mail message.


I did not receive a “Sign up success notification” e-mail

First please check if you can log in. If you have trouble logging in, please Contact Us and we will help you solve the problem.


Do I have to sign up to book my schedule?
Yes, you will need to create an account to receive booking information in order to look up your bookings. We recommend you use our instant sign up, it is easy and totally free.


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What is my ID or Username?

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What can I do in the member area?

  • Change Password: 6-12 digits, any combination of numbers and letters will do.

  • Modify Profile: You can modify your profile such as adding or changing a profile photo and changing your contact information.

  • Shopping Records: Look up your shopping records from the Buy & Rental Page.

  • Booking Records: Look up your booking records from the Must Try Page.

  • Like Box: You can save any activities, articles, or services to your Like Box to browse for later. On the page you wish to save just click on the heart icon and it will turn red. To remove, just simply click it again and it will turn grey. You can also remove the services directly from the Like Box.


Planning the trip

Where do I start?

  • Must Try: You can check out things you can do, such as tours. You can even see where to hangout with locals. On this page you can also search by region, type, theme and keyword!

  • Travel Tips: Want to know more interesting facts about Taiwan? Need to find more information to arrange your trips? This is the page to be on!

  • Travel Notes: You can find and share your travel experiences and pictures in Taiwan. When you successfully upload your travel note to Xtreme Taiwan, you can share it by clicking your preferred social media icon and share it with your friends!

  • Must Visit: We have selected some of the best attractions in Taiwan for fresh tourists. You can also search for sites worth visiting that most tourists haven't heard of yet. In this section we also have information about what bloggers recommend to eat and the related traveling information.

  • Transportation: 

Shared Van - For backpackers you can sign up for the shared van service to travel for a lower budget.

Charter Car - We also provide a charter car service, you can go anywhere you like and still enjoy the scenery without worrying about getting lost.

Car Rental – If you are an adventurer, we recommend you drive around the island and go to places where public transportation can’t take you. We provide not only car rentals, but also scooter rentals as well.

Ferry Ticket – We provide a ferry tickets purchasing service. It is a simple service but it will make your trip a lot easier.

  • Stay: You can find some recommended hotels and BnBs that provide English service. Sometimes there are limited offers if you are lucky!

  • Buy & Rent:

Buy – We know travelers do not enjoy carrying a bunch of things around, so we can offer to deliver to your final destination or accommodation. In the online store we strictly searched and selected special and high quality products made in Taiwan. Most of them are locally produced and designed. If you have trouble making up your mind which to choose, try “MIT Selected ”.

Rent – One of the most difficult things to do is to find a place to rent those things too large or too heavy to bring in a suitcase, those things you only need for a short time, or only for use while traveling in Taiwan. Now you can rent it online and we deliver to where you stay. The best part is, we pick it up from you too! Easier travel and  no more overweight suitcases!


  • Trip Planner: We provide trip planning services for small family groups from 3-4 people to big groups like company trips of 40 people or more. We can personalize your trip according to your budget and needs. When you choose us to personalize your trip, you're guaranteed a different and unique Taiwan experience.

Changing or Cancelling Travel Plans or Activities

Cancellation due to Unavoidable Circumstances

If your reserved activity has to be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances such as typhoons or heavy rain, the tour organisers of your trip will cancel you reservation and order. If you see in the member's area of our website that your order has not been cancelled, please Contact Us by phone or email us at and provide your order number. We will then cancel your order and refund you.

Changes & Cancellations

Cancellation of reservation by Event Organiser
If the Event Organiser decides to cancel your reservation and the event you reserved, they will do so and refund you. If you find in the member's area of our website that your reservation has not been cancelled, please Contact Us by phone or email us at and provide your order number. We will then cancel your order and refund you.


Change of Time or Date of Reservation
It is possible to change the time or date of a reserved activity. Please read the rules and agreements regarding reservations carefully before reserving or changing reservations. If you wish to change the time or date of your reservation, please Contact Us by phone or email us at and provide your order number. You may also contact the event organiser or tour company to cancel your reservation.


If you haven't received a reply in 48 hours.

In order to avoid missing replies from us in your own email inbox or our mail being sent to your junk mail, you can login to the member's area on our website and check there if you have received a notification regarding the issue you contacted us about.  Also, please feel free to Contact Us by phone or Email us at and provide your order number. We can then promptly assist you.