Privacy Policy

The Xtreme Taiwan website (, hereafter referred to as “the Website”) is managed by Xtreme Taiwan (hereafter referred to as “the Company”). If you do not agree to any part of this Privacy Policy, you must stop using the Website.

1. Scope and exclusions
(1) Scope
This policy applies to personal information provided by users of the Website, the details of the agreements or contracts, compensation details, and other information authorized by the Website.
(2) Exclusions
i. The users agree Xtreme Taiwan may use the user’s personal information, or offer it to third parties, for the following purposes:
(i) The information may be offered to other companies or suppliers for contact purpose.
(ii)  The information may be used by Xtreme Taiwan to send you messages and questionnaires. 
(iii) The information may be provided to logistics companies or vendors for them to deliver merchandise that you have ordered.
ii. The illegal access of the Website by a third party due to any factor not attributable to Xtreme Taiwan, which leads to leakage of personal information.
2. Information management and maintenance:
As a member, you are entitled to manage and revise your personal information at any time. Xtreme Taiwan’s specialists will also routinely check this information, and will contact you if there is anything wrong or missing. At your request, Xtreme Taiwan’s specialists can help to revise or correct your personal information.
3. Information protection and violation handling:
(1) The Website has information security and protection equipment, including firewalls and anti-virus systems, and has dedicated personnel to oversee database management and maintenance. 
(2) In case of any predatory or attempted conduct or intent toward the Website from the following users, Xtreme Taiwan is entitled to claim for compensation against the offenders: 
i.    Those who illegally acquire the data stored in Xtreme Taiwan’s database, or deliver, sell or disclose any such data to any third parties or companies without the authorization of Xtreme Taiwan;
ii.   Those who spread viruses to destroy the Website and the content of its database, attempt to crack the security system and code protection system, tamper with members’ information, or illegally steal, alter, record or forge the credit trading data between the Website and its members; which results, which leads to operation mistakes and slower operation efficiency of the website and damages the rights of Xtreme Taiwan and its members;
iii. Those who acquire personal information or other related data in the name of Xtreme Taiwan and further propagate and advertise the acquired information or conduct acts not conforming to Xtreme Taiwan’s use purpose, causing damage to the interests of Xtreme Taiwan or its members;
iv. Those who post untrue content or conceal the truth on the Website, or violate public order/good morals.
4. Personal information collection, processing and use
If you consent, the Company may publish part of the Website’s information on your social network’s activity information pages, for example through Facebook or other similar social network service systems. If you do not agree to such messages, please do not click the “agree” key during registration. You may also remove the information afterwards through the social network service’s own mechanism. If you have any question or need help to remove such information from your social networking site, please contact Xtreme Taiwan; we will help you to identify and resolve any related problems.
Except as shown above in the section ‘scope’, the Company will not voluntarily disclose your personal information to third parties unless the Company is required to provide the information by law to the authorities.
If the Company or the Website are merged or its assets are acquired by any third party, leading to the transfer of the operating rights, the Company will announce the related details on the Website in advance. In this case, the entirety or part of the member information owned by the Company may also be transferred to a third party following the transfer of the operating rights.
5. Amendment of the Privacy Policy
If there is any change to the Privacy Policy, the Company will inform you using the e-mail address provided by you, or on the Website or the Company’s blog. If you do not agree to the change, you must stop using the services provided by the Website, and notify the Company to stop collecting, processing and using your personal information.
6. Links to other websites
The Website provides links to other websites, you can enter other websites by clicking those links from the Website, but they do not apply on the Website’s Privacy Policy, you will have to refer to their privacy policy.
7. The cookies
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