Mingchi 2 Day Tour - Beautiful Mingchi Ecology Tour

Forest Bath ✓Skywalk Ecological Park
Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is surrounded on all sides by pristine forests. All throughout the year, smoke-like mist lingers on the scenery. It’s famed throughout the northern region and is a good place for a forest bath. Overlook the mountain wilderness and admire the beauty of the flowers and plant life, and be close to the country’s largest sacred cypress tree area! The thousands of years old red cypress trees (shenmu) tower over the rest of the area, and are a source of amazement and wonder. The sacred trees are named after generations of holy sages, using a combination of the tree’s age and the dynasty of a historical figure; it’s full of creativity. Short distance excursions and trails, as well as rest facilities provide travelers with a 1-2 hour experience in the sacred tree ecological area.

The first stop of the first day is Cihu, the well-known resting place of Chiang Kai-Shek. Here, you may take a leisurely walk and listen to the history behind uncovering the mysteries of one person. Next, drive to Daxi Old Tea Factory for a tour while eating. The hundred year old factory is filled with the smell of tea and still contains intact old tea implements. In this nostalgic place, enjoy the taste of special and healthy tea dishes. After lunch, head across one of Taiwan’s longest rope bridges and admire the scenery along the way while at the Xiaowulai Skywalk. Many waterfalls and the Wind Moving Rock are part of the scenic area, and you may enjoy their natural beauty. Then ride across the North-Cross Island Highway and reach the Baling Observation Area. Take in the entire view of Lala Mountain at once and try some of the roadside aboriginal snacks . On the second day, head to Mingchi Forest Recreation Area, located in Yilan County’s Datong Township. The area is the North-Cross Island Highway’s highest point at 1200 meters above sea level. Year round clouds and mist cover the landscape. The entire park is rich in ecology for you to enjoy.

It is recommended that you visit the nearby sacred tree (shenmu) area, and observe the wonders of nature, it’s absolutely worth the ticket price! Then, go to Baling Historical Trail Ecological Park. Within the park are a butterfly museum, beetle museum, broadleaf forest museum, and a geology museum. The north’s most representative butterfly and beetle species are displayed here, and are quite suitable for parent-and-child duos. You may also walk along Baling Trail. Spanning 1.28 km in length, it is quiet and secluded, and blends in with the local landscape. A special characteristic of the trail is the “ecology exploration rope bridge”, hanging high from the trees. You can examine canopy ecology from a close range and experience the feeling of wind beneath your feet. Feel like a dragon interweaving between the forest vines as you cross the bridge and look down. End day two of your beautiful journey here and head back home. 

▶Depart:Everyday (Closed on Tuseday)
▶Number of participants:4 people to make the trip
Sample healthy tea dishes), Tickets(Xiaowulai Skywalk NT 50, Shenmu Area Tour NT 770), Accommodation(Mingchi Villa NT 3900 +10% (two people per room) )
▶Depart time:AM 08:00 (Pick up from Taipei area)
▶Return time:PM 18:00 (
Pick up from Taipei area)
▶Another optional:Daxi Old Tea Factory Tour Costs +Factory Ticket NT 150 +100 (tour is 60 minutes) 

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