Smangus 2 Day Tour - God's Tribe

Giant Sacred Trees ✓Aboriginal Tribe Hot Spring
Smangus is a secluded and mysterious tribe, cut off from the rest of the world. It is a paradise for many people from all over. For a long while, the tribe did not have any electricity, and were thus called the “dark tribe”. Amongst Taiwanese aboriginals, they are the tribe located deepest in the mountains. Tribal roads didn’t open until 1995, and the tribe’s famous Shenmu (sacred trees) weren’t discovered until 1991.
The giant sacred trees here as well as many uncommon ecological species are like scenes straight out of the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. The beautiful bamboo forests are worth coming and seeing for yourself! 

On the first day, follow the rugged mountain road to reach the Jinping Bridge, also known as “Rainbow Bridge”. It is the Atayal ancestors’ main path to heaven, and only Atayal with tattooed faces may pass through this sacred bridge. Here, you may get to experience this mysterious bridge from a close range. After, head to Naluo Gorge Frog Rock, where naturally formed giant rocks in the shape of frogs stand-remember to take pictures! Then continue towards Xinguang Elementary School: this elementary school, surrounded by forests and nature is the tribe’s only school. Experience the unique characteristics and beauty of this aboriginal school. Finally, arrive at the Simakusi tribe, where we will be staying for the night. Tribal nights will take place at the tribe (Saturday and Sunday nights only), Old Simakusi tales, indigenous welcoming dances, millet grinding, and other exciting activities are available. Try out a cup of the tribe’s famous “Magao” coffee, and drink while gazing at the star-filled skies. 

Depart early on the second day and head towards the giant tree area, where the thousand year old red cypress trees stand, quietly guarding the Atayal lands. In addition to the giant trees, the Silifu Waterfall, mysterious valley, ecology park, and other scenic spots are all impressive. Abundant animal and plant species are worth seeing here, and if you’re lucky, you may get to see a mischievous squirrel run by.
At noon, return to the tribe and enjoy an aboriginal meal. Due to climate change in the mountains, after lunch we will depart for Yulao Observation Deck. Gaze at the  Jianshi area mountains surrounded by a sea of clouds. Next, drive down the mountain to Battleship Rock and look down at the rock, standing next to a creek, from Xiuluan Bridge above. Leisurely arrive at Xiuluan Wild Hot Springs afterwards, and take a relaxing dip while listening to the sound of trickling water. Soothe your weary body and mind, quietly enjoy the forest atmosphere, and come to the end of your two day journey. 


▶Number of participants:4 people to make the trip
▶Optional:Meal(Taste characteristic tribal foods ( according to set price)

), Accommodation(Simakusi lodge weekdays  NT 2975 +10% (two per room), Simakus lodge weekends/holidays  NT 3500+10%  (two per room) )
▶Depart time:AM 08:00 (Pick up from Taipei area)
▶Return time:PM 18:00 (
Pick up from Taipei area)
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