Hsinchu Wufeng 2 Day Tour - Sea of Clouds, Fog Watching, and Camping Tour

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Hsinchu Wufeng’s forests are like a dreamland, allowing us to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy mother nature. Experience the mountains using a different way. Gaze into the misty mountains in the distance and admire the purple-tinged sea of clouds at sunset. Travelers who enjoy peaceful and quiet nature will appreciate the secluded mountains. 

On the first day, arrive at Taiwan’s largest Hakka market, Zhudong Market. The best way to understand the way of life in a new country is to visit the local markets. Because the markets are the local peoples’ most direct and simple method of livelihood, we will replenish food supplies here before heading up the mountain. You can also take this opportunity to sample traditional Hakka foods. Afterwards, directly head to Qingquan Scenic Area. Casually tour the entire area on foot. The area is home to former residences of historical and cultural figures, one is that of Mr. Zhang Xueliang, influencer of modern China. The second is modern literary writer, San Mao. Zhang Xueliang was confined to this residence and secluded from the rest of the world, having changed modern Chinese history. The residence displays his lifelong deeds, with the nearby Jiangjun Hot Springs dedicated to him. Follow the hillside and pass through rugged mountain path to reach San Mao’s residence. The mountain mist here is like a dream to people passing by. Following the path further down will have you reaching the Qingquan Suspension Bridge, established during the Japanese colonial era. Two statues of Atayal warriors guard each side of the bridge. Stand on the bridge and gain a different perspective of the entire Qingquan area. Lastly, arrive at Toumu Plaza. Many aboriginal peoples gather and set up stalls at this plaza, and are more than happy to share their authentic culture and distinctive styles. After you finish browsing, ride towards the campsite and prepare for dinner and rest. Enjoy a picnic in the mountains, untainted by light pollution. Appreciate the starry skies and let the gentle wind lull you to sleep. 

After enjoying breakfast on the second day, depart for Shanshang Renjia Farm. 1200 meters above sea level, there are many hiking trails here leading to woodlands. Aromatic plants and herbs are planted all throughout the area. Take a carefree walk in nature, enter the forest and listen to the sound of singing songbirds, insects, and trickling water. Enjoy the forest atmosphere and breathe in the sweet air. Let your body and mind relax, far away from the busy city. After finishing your healthy walk, head to Qingquan Hot Springs and take a dip to relief fatigue. Drink a cup of coffee and gaze at the beautiful scenery and landscape before ending your two day journey on a high note. 

▶Number of participants:4 people to make the trip
▶Optional:Meal(Eat at a Hakka farm restaurant, Camp BBQ 
), Tickets(Qingquan Public Pool NT 150, Shanshang Renjia Farm NT 200), Accommodation(Camping Experience NT 2000 (two per tent) )
▶Depart time:AM 08:00 (Pick up from Taipei area)
▶Return time:PM 18:00 (
Pick up from Taipei area)
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