Yilan Taipingshang 2 Day Tour - Taiwan's Secret Forests

Waterfall ✓Hot Spring Reminiscent Trail
Taiping Mountain is home to precious tree species. Along with Alishan and Baxian Shan, it was one of Taiwan’s three major forest farms in the past. Nowadays, many logging machinery, mountain railways, and other relics have been left behind. Here, you may ride on the bouncing car and immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere, listen to the beautiful sounds of nature at the Cuifeng Lakeside and admire the ecology, or gaze at Taiping Mountain’s sea of clouds early in the morning and the sunrise. All these beautiful wonders await you in one day. Of course, you can’t miss out on Jiuzhize’s tempting hot springs. 

On the first day, arrive early to Wufengqi Waterfall Scenic Area. The waterfall is divided into three layers: the upper, middle, and lower, and every layer has a different appearance. Stand here and enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls. This area is also a great place to spend the scorching hot summer days as you play in the refreshing water. Head to Jiaoxi for lunch after, with many delicacies and snacks available to choose from on Wenquan Road. Exercise amongst and enjoy the landscape, before traveling to Taiping Mountain. We will be spending the rest of our two day journey here in the mountains. Once in the Taiping Mountain Forest Recreation Area, the first stop is to ride the bouncing car to Maoxing Reminiscent Trail. Use a different method to experience this area! Along the right side of the mountain are several varieties of wild plants and flowers, all swaying in the wind. On the left hand side is the vast mountain scenery; tall cypress trees take up most of the view. When the weather is pleasant, the area is like scene from a storybook, with its blue skies and white clouds. When it is misty, the scenery before your eyes appear almost poetic, and will certainly infatuate you. You may not know it, but arriving at the trail you are exposed to a combination of history and culture, animal and plant resources, and geological terrain. Not only is it secure and comfortable, but the trail also protects and maintains the existing ecological environment. Return to the villa for dinner and rest, and explore the rest of the beautiful mountain tomorrow.

On the second day, visit the independent alpine lake, Cuifeng Lake. Loop around the trail entrance and walk there. Travel back and forth between the forest and explore its natural ecology, while you are surrounded by thousands of birds. Slowly walk and admire the mountain’s floating clouds and mist, then head towards Jiuzhize Hot Springs and visit its trail. Take a relaxing dip here to soothe your weariness before heading home. 

▶Depart:Everyday (Closed on Tuseday)
▶Number of participants:4 people to make the trip
▶Optional:Meal(Try out Jiaoxi weng yao roast chicken, Hot springs cooking experience 
), Tickets(Taiping Mountain Recreation Area NT 200, bouncing car NT 150, Jiuzhize Hot Springs ticket NT 150, open-air SPA  or open-air hot springs bath NT 250  ), Accommodation(Taiping Villa-Red Cypress Room  Weekdays NT 3510+10%
Taiping Villa –Red Cypress Room  Weekends/Holidays NT 3900+10%
▶Depart time:AM 08:00 (Pick up from Taipei area)
▶Return time:PM 18:00 (
Pick up from Taipei area)
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