Shei-Pa National Park

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  • Address:No.100, Shuiweiping, Dahu Township, Miaoli County 36443, Taiwan View on Map
Shei-pa National Park was established in 1992, making it the fifth national park of Taiwan. The terrain of Shei-pa is mainly mountains, with altitude difference up to 3000 metres within the park. Snowy Mountain is the centre of the park, with side ranges radiating from it. Among all mountains, Snowy Mountain and Mt.Ta Pa Chien are the most notable ones. Shei-pa National Park is famous for its unique landscape and diverse populations of animals and plants, including many of endangered species, such as Formosan salmon, Formosan black bear, and Taiwan salamander.

There are three recreation areas within Shei-pa National Park: Guanwu(“fog-watching”) recreation area, Xuejian(“seeing-snow”) recreation area, and Wulin recreation area, as well as the Wenshui Tourist Centre. Except for Wulin Recreation Area, the other ones are all located in Miaoli County.

Guanwu Recreation Area is the best spot for admiring the fog and clouds. There are abundant natural resources in the recreation area, and it is also home to the first salamander-themed ecological centre in Taiwan.

Xuejian Recreation Area provides guiding tours and plays introductory films about Shei-pa National Park everyday on a fixed schedule. Wenshui Tourist Centre is the major spot of Shei-pa National Park Management Centre. The tourist centre offers exhibitions, films, and guiding tours about the park's terrain and ecology.

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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Zhulin Interchange (torward Zhudong) → county Rd 120 → county Rd 123 → county Rd 122 → Dalu Forest Road → Guanwu