Tiaoyan Historic Trail

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  • Address:Jiuhu, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County 366, Taiwan View on Map
Tiaoyan Historic Trail is located between the Tongluo and Tongxiao Townships in Miaoli, and is an official government road built during the Qing Dynasty. This road was the main source of contact between Tongluo and Tongxiao, and was also used to transport sea salt produced in Tongxiao to Tongluo. This was also how its name of "Tiaoyan" came to be, meaning "carrying salt". The trail spans from Tongxiao's Nanhe Borough, to Tongluo's Jiuhu Village, and is divided into upper and lower sections. The entrance of the lower section is located with 4.5 km of the Miao 38 Route heading from Tongxiao to Tongluo, with a total length of 300 meters. After around 5.5 km on Miao 38, proceed 100 meters, to connect onto Tiaoyan Historic Trail. The upper section spans 700 meters in length, and in addition, there's also a small entrance leading to the trail from the Flying Cow Ranch. 


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1.Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Tongsiao Interchange→county Rd 121
2.Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Sanyi Interchange→Prov. Hwy13→Turn left at 42.5km→Zhangjiu Bridge