Xiangtian Lake

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  • Address:Xiangtian Lake, 16th Neighborhood, Donghe, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County 353, Taiwan View on Map
Xiang Tian Lake located in mountains of Miaoli in the Nan Zhuang Township. There are around two hundred SaiSat natives left in this town, making it the biggest SaiSat tribe. According to the story from hundreds of years ago, there was originally a lake and the mouth of the lake was facing the sky, hence it being named Xiang Tian Lake.

Next to the lake is a SaiSat Culture Museum. It displays traditional handmade items ranging from clothing to everyday items, information about the festivals and culture of the SaiSat people, and a detailed break down of the meaning of the names of their people. It is really worth a visit.

Among SaiSat festivals The Little Spirit Festival is very important. According to legend, little people's spirits were used to pray for good harvest and peace. The whole ceremony has three parts, the first is to welcome the spirits,  the second for meeting the spirits, and and the last for entertaining the spirits. Out of the three, welcoming the spirits is the most mysterious procedure, and visitors are not allowed to attend. This festival is held every two years at Xiang Tian Lake, and every ten years they hold a bigger scale festival that is held shortly after the Lunar 10/15 for a total of four days and three nights. There are many rituals of etiquette and norms that must be noted, and is not recommended tourists to travel independently, as they should keep a pious and respectful attitude when participating in the activities.


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National Highway No. 1 → Exit at Toufen Interchange → Provincial Route 124A → Provincial Route 124 → Township Road Miao-21 → Xiangtian Lake Communication Road → Xiangtian Lake
Take train to Zhunan Station → take Miaoli Bus (bound for Nanzhuang) to Nanzhuang → take Miaoli Bus (bound for Xiangtian Lake) to Xiangtian Lake