Penglai River Ecology Park/Fish-conserving Trail

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  • Address:Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County 36744, Taiwan View on Map
Penglai Stream, located in southwest Nanchuang, is the upstream of Chung-kang Stream. Sitting in the wide nature, the stream is pressed by steep hills on both sides and surrounded by a mixed population of makino bamboos and natural woods. A few years ago, local habitants decided to start a fish-conserving movement; after alot of efforts, the ecology is well conserved and Nanchuang's  first Fish-conserving Walking Trail was constructed right here.

The environmental protection of the area is well done, as evidenced by the fish in the stream that are not afraid of people at all. The uncontaminated environment also cultivates fireflies that would fly around in the valley during summer nights. Moreover, if you happened to visit during April and May, you're very likely to encounter the scene of the entire mountain covered in the snow-like white petals of tung blossoms.

The length of Fish-conserving Walking Trail  measures 2.4 kilometres in total, and it takes about one and half hour for a round walk with slightly brisk steps. However, there's no need to hurry, so relax yourself and enjoy the beauty and wonder along your way. 


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National Highway No. 1 → Exit at Toufen Interchange → county Rd 124→Sanwan→county Rd124A→Nanzhuang Bridge→Penglai River Ecology Park