Heping Island Park

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  • Phone:+886 2 2428 7664
  • Address:No.360, Ping 1st Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City, Taiwan View on Map
Located on an island northeast of Keelung, Heping Island during the early Qing Dynasty was called "Chicken Cage Isle” or “Large Chicken Cage Isle.” The island is the earliest in Northern Taiwan to have records of Westerners, with Keelung being one of the earliest places of Han Chinese reclamation. Heping Island Park is surrounded on all four sides by the sea, and the waves are always rolling on its shores layer upon layer, and has been known since ancient times by the name of “Sheliao". It is one of Keelung's eight scenic spots. Due to the northeastern monsoons and the eroding impact of the waves, many odd rock formations have formed. Some of the exotic coastal marine landscape include the sea eroded platform, tofu rock, sea eroded ditch,  sea eroded cliff, wind eroded window, million pile, thousand stack deposit , sea cave, mushroom rock, lion-head rock, and the bear-head rock. Despite being subjected to the sea breeze year round, the aquatic vegetation (seaweed, long thread moss, antler seaweed, bamboo rope cabbage, goosetongue, agar and red moss) as well as other natural marine resources are all abundant and thriving. Marine life such as beltfish, elephant fish, herring, yellowtail, and lobster all differ according to the season. The park provides barbecue and camping areas, and the opportunity to play in the water, experience local ecology, in addition to hiking and other activities.  It's a great destination to spend the holidays at! 


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Everyday 08:00-18:00

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60 NT
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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at Keelung Interchange → Zhongzheng Rd. → He 1st Rd. → Ping 1st. Rd.

Take Keelung 101 bus, then get off at Heping Island Park