Zhongxing Grain Castle Rice Museum

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  • Phone:+886 4 892 6088
  • Address:No.526, Sec. 2, Zhangshui Rd., Pitou Township, Changhua County , Taiwan View on Map
Shaped like a castle, Zhongxing Grain Castle Rice Museum is actually a sightseeing and tourist factory that shows the history and development of rice in Taiwan. In accordance to Taiwan's geographical climate and different types of soil, several varieties of rice were introduced during the Japanese colonial period, each possessing their own characteristic stickiness and flexibility. Therefore during World War II, Taiwan became Japan's granary as they advanced in the Pacific. If you take a guided tour of the museum, you can follow the guide to learn the characteristic of each rice, and come to understand that every little grain of rice is not easy to come by. There's also activities to be experienced inside the sightseeing factory, including making a scarecrow, but you may also make old-fashioned popcorn, mochi, and mill music. In the shopping area, there are plenty of local agricultural products for purchase. 


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09:00-17:00 (Monday off)

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1.Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Xiluo Interchange→Prov. Hwy 1→Xizhou Bridge→Right sideway (to Beitou)→County Rd 145 about 15 mins drive
2.Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Beidou Interchange→County Rd. 150 (Douyuan E. Rd.)→County Rd. 19(Sec.2, Donghuan Rd.)→County Rd. 145(Sec. 2, Zhangshui Rd.), about 15 mins drive