Bagua Mountain Scenic area 

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  • Address:No.8-1, Guashan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County, Taiwan View on Map
Hong Kong's Lantau Island has a large Buddha that is revered and admired by many. It's a must-visit holy site when heading towards Hong Kong. However, Changhua's Bagua Mountain, in Taiwan, also has its own large Buddha. It's located within the Bagua Mountain Scenic Area. Walk up the stone stairs, step by step, and you'll come into close contact with the dignified and benevolent large Buddha. During its early days, Bagua Mountain was a battlefield for anti-Japanese resistance. A fierce battle was fought in 1895 as the Japanese took over Taiwan. Now, Bagua Mountain features an anti-Japanese martyr monument park, as well as health trails and the Buddha Mountain Trail for tourists to experience. It's nowhere as solemn as it was in the past. Due to the vastness of Bagua Mountain Scenic Area, it's split up into three parts: Bagua Mountain, Baiguo Mountain, and Song Bai Ling areas. Aside from the large Buddha, you can also find a camphor tree, over 300 years old. It's currently the only existing old camphor tree.  


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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Changhua Interchange → Zhonghua W. Rd. → Zhonghua Rd. → Kongmen Rd. → Dongmin St. → Guashan Rd.
TRA Changhua Station → Changhua Bus (bound for Liugu Rd.) to Jiu Shuiyuandi stop