Qingshuiyan Recreational Area

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  • Phone:+886 4 873 7350
  • Address:No.268, Sec. 1, Shanjiao Rd., Shetou Township, Changhua County , Taiwan View on Map
Visit ancient Buddhas and the surrounding forests: this lovely and atmospheric place is located at the Qingshuiyan Recreational Area. The main important scenic areas within include the Qingshuiyan Temple, forest recreation area, camping area, and biking trail. Many needs can be satisfied here. Qingshuiyan Temple is constructed in a simple, yet elegant manner. Established as early as the Qing Dynasty, it only achieved its current state after many renovations. Inside, the Sakyamuni Buddha and the South China Sea Guanyin are worshipped. In front of the temple there is the Spring Pavilion and the Longchi, preserving and linking together many traces of the past.  Those who enjoy the company of nature will not be lonely either, as the hiking trail here stretches along the mountain ridge, with a total length of around 1.5 km. Along the way, you may pass by the 5 mountains of Guanyinshan. You can also ride a bike and follow along the forests and fields, all while enjoying the fresh air and the sounds of birds and insects. Furthermore, Qingshuiyan Recreational Area can accomodate hundreds of people camping and barbecuing. It's divided into a camping area and a large forest area; both are ideal places to experience mountain leisure and atmosphere. 


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Free (camping 80NTD / person , BBQ 40NTD/ person)
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County Rd. 137→Qingshui Elementary School