Fubao Wetland

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  • Address:Fubao village , Fuxing Township, Changhua County , Taiwan View on Map
When you hear the story of Fubao Wetlands, you may lament over how inclusive and forgiving nature is towards humanity. In fact, aquaculture and rice cultivation were the main economic sources here early on, however the cultivation industry started to overexploit the resources. The continuous extraction of groundwater resulted in distinct salinization of the farmland. Despite being no longer able to support farming, Fubao still thrived from this disaster. It managed to recover, and attracted many water birds, who come here to rest, forage, and reproduce. Nowadays, it's central Taiwan's well known paradise for water birds. The Fubao Ecology area here is home to many precious natural ecological resources, and over 100 species of birds have been discovered, most of them being migratory birds.  You may also see the fishermen gathering oysters or xishi tongues at the intertidal zone. Feel the clams in the shallow water, it's quite interesting! During dusk, enjoy the sight of the ebbing tide and the extending beach. The glow of the sunset illuminating a path towards the sun is a tranquil and peaceful sight to be enjoyed. 


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Prov. 76→Fuxing Bridge→Fuzheng Rd.→Yuhsin Elementary School→Fubao Bridge