Badouzi Coastal Park

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  • Address:Badou St., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City View on Map
The hills next to the Badouzi Fishing Harbor are called“Badouzi Coastal Park".  In an earlier time period, the vicinity of Badouzi Coastal Park was an important and strategic military area. During the sunset, fishing boats would reflect the setting sun, and the sight is considered one of Keelung's eight scenic spots. Badouzi Coastal Park contains a number of attractions, such as the 101 Heights, 80 Highlands, Wangyou Valley, Chaojing Park, and several others. 101 Heights is the highest point in the entire park, and a path connects to the 80 Highlands and Chaojing Park below. 80 Highlands is a flat grassland, with a pavilion to provide shade against the bright sun. In addition, Badouzi is also a well-known scuba diving location. There exists a location, known as the secret garden, containing seafloor ecology that rival foreign ones. Badouzi Coastal Park's Wangyou, or Hope Valley is named so because of its year-round green grass. Looking at it causes one to seemingly forget all of their troubles and worries. Wangyou in Chinese, alternatively, can also mean "to forget about sorrows”, hence the valley's name. Wangyou Valley contains several stone trails, coastal eroded platforms, and geological landscapes of the tofu rock. The center features a platform-type slope, and thirty to forty people may camp there. The Wangyou Valley floor also happens to have a V-shaped recess; the exit area is surrounded by several reefs and the sea water is shallow.


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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at Keelung Interchange → Zhongzheng elevated Rd. → Zhongzheng Rd. → Beining Rd. → Badou St. → Badouzi Coastal Park

Take the train to TRA Keelung Station, transfer Keelung City Bus (No. 103) to Badouzi stop.