Maxi Tung Blossom Trail (Fumin Water Park)

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  • Address:Dahua 3rd Rd., Qidu Dist., Keelung City 206, Taiwan View on Map
Located within the Maling Keng leisure and recreation area, Qidu District's Fumin Riverside Park was originally a small park by the river. The Maling Keng Creek cuts through the park, with the course of the creek being meandering and flowing with deep water. The creek bank consists of a small sandy beach, and therefore, is known as a riverside park. Maling Keng Creek's waters are clear, and the riverside valley area is located just to the side. Many small fish and shrimp leisurely swim in crystal-clear waters at the bottom of the creek. From time to time, dragonflies and butterflies can be seen gracefully flittering across the creek surface. Inside the Fumin Riverside Park, the Keelung City government has built a flower trail. The trail is located opposite of the park riverbank and can be reached by crossing a small cement bridge and its overall length is around 850 meters. During the flower blooming season, the area becomes a good place to take walks and admire flowers. One can also see the distinct silhouettes of fish in the clear waters of Maling Keng Creek. Around summertime, the bubbling cold creek water is one of the many characteristics of the park.


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N'hwy No.1 → at the Exit Chidu interchange → Prov. Hwy62 → Dahwa 3rd. Rd.

Take Keelung City bus 701, get off at "No.100 Dahwa 3rd."stop