Mingxin Academy

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  • Phone:+886 49 276 2374
  • Address:No.4, Dongchang Ln., Jiji Township, Nantou County 552, Taiwan View on Map
The academy was a private school during the olden times. Connected with Nantou's Yongchang Elementary School, Mingxin Academy's main objective is to implement scholarships, so that children now can continue to have literary access. Mingxin Academy was established during the Qing Dynasty and possesses the structure of a traditional academy. Lecturing and study spaces are located within the sanheyuan, and the main building is the Wenchang Temple, often visited by people. Incense is still burned and flourishes in front of the academy's Wenchang Temple, and a ceremony dedicated to Confucius is held every year to bless the academic success of students. Different from traditional temples, Wenchang Temple is quite interesting. The items offered for worship all have related meaning: there's onion (蔥 cong) for intelligence (聰明 congming), rice dumplings (粽子 zongzi) for success (包中 baozhong) , and others will all be offered before the testing season. The door god here is also quite mysterious and differs from the mighty generals used by other temples. Followers of Wenchang's Dijun door god are in charge of the most confidential documents, so therefore the deaf and mute are responsible: they can see but can't speak, and can speak but are not aware. Outside the court there's a golden stove pavilion, otherwise known as "Xizi Pavilion". As a way of respecting the writing, scholars from the old times would gather together all the misspelled characters, and wait until the birthday of the created text to burn inside the Xizi Pavilion. The ashes are then placed in the river. Doesn't it all sound quite interesting in this day and age? Visiting Mingxin Academy is very convenient, all you  have to do is rent a bicycle near JiJi Railway Station. You can then easily start a relaxing and carbon-free trip over! 


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