Shuanglong Tribe

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  • Phone:+886 49 274 2077
  • Address:Guangfu Ln., Xinyi Township, Nantou County 556, Taiwan  View on Map
The Shuanglong Tribe is probably the most remote tribe of the Bunun people, hidden deep within the mountains of Nantou and next to the Zhuoshui Creek. Owing to the rich forest and mountain resources, tribal tourism has flourished endlessly. However due to heavy damage from storms and earthquakes later on, the tourism industry has halted. This has allowed the Shuanglong Tribe's beautiful scenery to slowly recover. The two-sectioned Shuanglong Waterfall is quite extraordinary, white spray falls from the top to the bottom and the atmosphere is tranquil. Follow the trail to the lookout platform, and you'll gain access to a panoramic view. All throughout the tribe, aboriginal totems and traditional slate houses can be found. If you listen to the guide explain how the structure of the slate houses make them impermeable to wind or water, you'll surely be amazed! The Zhuoshui Creek flows crookedly along the creek banks, forming a large curved arc and letting people admire nature's powerful force. However did you also know that this place is home to a legend of hidden Japanese treasure? The crooked flow of the creek is a recognizable feature, and according to legend, Japanese troops bought over gold from Southeast Asia and hid it within Gugu Hill. Endless hordes of treasure hunters have since come to dig up treasure, and during its peak of popularity, over a hundred people were actively hunting. Of course the treasure has yet to be discovered, leaving behind this vast piece of nature and the Bunun's culture and traditions. If you travel here, it is reccomended that you contact the Shuanglong Community Development Association and arrange for a guide. Through the eyes of the guide, maybe you'll know where the treasure really is! 


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