Hu Military Dependents Painted Village

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  • Address:Hucuoliao, Shanhua Dist., Tainan City 741, Taiwan View on Map
If you don't know how to get here, it's best if you first find your way to Tainan's Yangming Elementary School. And along the way on the low walls, you'll encounter a cute surprise! Located within Tainan's Shanhua Township, the Hu Military Dependents Painted Village started out unintentionally.  A daughter wanted to help her mother paint and beautify the walls, but unexpectedly, the neighbors thought that she had done a good job and started to paint their own designs on their walls as well. The colorful designs you see now are the results of 7-8 adults and children cooperating together. Painted communities are becoming more and more common in Taiwan, causing some controversy to arise as a result in regards to the painters' lack of originality. Although the cartoon characters on the walls are all quite adorable, such as Totoro, V Air's mascot, Hello Kitty, and other popular designs, it is still plagiarism. However if you view it from another standpoint, the local population can use this method to liven up and beautify their community. Not only does it create a sense of cohesiveness between neighbors, it also deepens the peoples' appreciation and fondness for the land after they finish working together. It's quite priceless. As a reminder, the painted village is still a place of residence. When touring and taking photographs, remember to respect the residents' living space, keep the streets clean, and pay attention to noise volume. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1→Prov. Hwy 19A→County Rd.176→Xingsheng S. Rd.→County Rd.19A→Jinsheng Rd.
THSR Tainan Station→TRA Sanhua Station→take Bus Orange line, get off at Xidiliao Stop→ walk about 25 mins