Bei Xi Paper- cut Art Village

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  • Address:Beixi, Huwei Township, Yunlin County , Taiwan View on Map
Located in Yunlin County and close to Huwei's pending HSR station, there's an old street community. With the community undergoing a transformation, local residents as well as teachers and students from the nearby university are attracted here. By focusing on the theme of traditional arts and paper-cutting, the Beixi community is transformed. Due to the paper-cut art, the once ordinary Beixi is turned into a tourist attraction. Large-scale red cutouts are dotted all throughout the village, and can be found on telephone poles, walls, above doors, and many more places. All are auspicious images, such as the 12 Chinese zodiacs, goldfish, dragons, and tigers, and they fill the entire village with life and vitality. During holidays and weekends, the area is packed with people taking pictures, bringing much needed popularity and business to the village. This is just one successful example of a traditional community that has been transformed. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1→Douliu Access Road→Exit at the Huwei Interchange→Township Rd. Yun74→Township Rd. 158→Beixi