Xiluo Bridge

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  • Address:Daqiao Rd., Xiluo Township, Yunlin County 648, Taiwan View on Map
This bright red bridge is located over Taiwan's longest creek, the Zhuoshui Creek. The well-known Xiluo Bridge, spanning across Yunlin and Changhua, is an important bridge that connected northern and southern Taiwan during the early days. The bridge piers were built by Japan during its period of occupation, while the reinforced steel bars used for constructing the bridge were provided by the United States as aid, as diplomatic relations were being established between China and the US. Shipped all the way from the US, it was considered to be a construction with national defense purposes for the nationalist government at that time. In the beginning, aside from having a lane for vehicles to pass through, there was also another railroad track on the bridge. The track was for the small train from the nearby sugar factory, however it was later demolished after the factory declined. Currently, Xiluo Bridge is a renowned hotspot in the photography world. Regardless of whether it's early morning, evening, or even the magical moment of the night, the deep red bridge possesses a different kind of beauty at every hour. When visiting Yunlin, you shouldn't miss out on this beautiful historical bridge, connecting the past with modernity. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Xiluo Interchange → Zhongshan Rd. → Datong Rd. → Daqiao Rd. → Jianxing Rd. → Xiluo Bridge.
TRA Douliu Station → transfer Solar Bus (bound for Liuqing) to First Commercial Bank stop.