Taixi Wetland

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  • Address:Xinxinghaipudi 7th Rd., Taixi Township, Yunlin County 636, Taiwan View on Map
Taixi Wetland is an area for wetland conservation. Many seasonal water birds dwell here, and it's a place frequented by both bird lovers and members of the birdwatching association. Aside from the ecology, you can see all the scaffolding set up on the wetland. They are a shed for the local people to raise oysters, and when the sun sets, the wetland will be reflected on its surface. This place has become a well-known spot for dates and photography due to the beautiful landscape, and it's not uncommon to see young couples wearing student uniforms ride by on bicycles or residents who have come to harvest oysters. After the sunsets, they become just another part of the scenery. 


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