Tai Xi international Art Village

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  • Address:Zhongshan Rd., Taixi Township, Yunlin County 636, Taiwan View on Map
When you arrive at this sea-faring village, you may expect to come across a scene of drying fish nets and piles of oyster shells, however when you finally notice that the theme of the paintings on the wall are stories from all around the world, you'll realize that this place isn't so simple after all. Tai Xi International Art Village is one of the plans from VYA (Vision Youth Action, an international volunteer platform), which aims to rejuvenate Taixi Township on one hand, while also encouraging international youth to come and visit Taiwan. Painted walls are scattered all throughout the village, there's the China's Qixi legend, Japan's Kaguya-hime, fairy tales from Spain and Sweden, there's even the famous Little Prince, as well as portrayals of everyone's impression of Taiwan. The most interesting part would be the "love wall", depicting world-wide wedding ceremonies, and different wedding cultures from all over. Lastly, located at Taixi Junior High School is a large mural, made entirely out of locally collected shellfish and glass bottles. It's named "Sea of Hope", and portrays the local culture. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1→Prov. Hwy78→Exit at the Taixi Interchange→Prov. Hwy17→Zhongshan Rd.
TRA Taichung Station→Take bus 9016(To Sihu)→Get off at Taixi Stop