Su Mo Kuoshu Martial Art Museum

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  • Phone:+886 5 772 3728
  • Address:No.121, Guanggoucuo, Sihu Township, Yunlin County 65447, Taiwan View on Map
Martial arts in Yunlin's Sihu Township has flourished since the early times, and it can be viewed as the birthplace of martial arts. Within the small village, almost all the men, women, and children, young and old alike, practice some sort of martial art. There are several schools, and all sorts of weaponry can be found in this village. Sihu's predecessors also actively preserved and promoted martial arts, and as a result the village possesses many martial art halls and head practioners. Amongst them, Shunwu Hall is a large martial arts museum in Sihu, founded by Sun Mo. From one generation to the next, his disciples still actively work to spread martial arts. Su Mo's disciples as well as practioners from other arts gathered a group of ambitious youths from the village and formed the Sihu Township Community Development Association, so that Sihu Township could continue to practice and pass down its history of martial arts. Aside from displaying many cultural relics related to martial arts, you can also witness for yourself the practice of the martial arts. There are many activities for you to try out, and if you're feeling confident, you can also test the basics against one of the masters: if you succeed, the Sihu Township Community Development Association will even have a small gift for you! 


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