Tanayiku Natural Ecological Park

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  • Phone:+886 5 251 3246
  • Address:No.51, 3rd Neighborhood, Shanmei, Alishan Township, Chiayi County 60591, Taiwan View on Map
Situated within the upper reaches of the Zengwen Creek and with an altitude of around 500 meters above sea level, a 18 kilometer-long clean stream runs through the valley. The beautiful scenery is considered by the Tsou people to be a place where you can "forget about all of your worries", and in the Tsou language, it's pronounced "Tanayiku." In reality however, Tanayiku cannot let people forget about their worries and sorrows: this is because the Tsou people are concerned about the over-fishing of prawn in Tanayiku's valley, as well as the pollution of the water supply. Tanayiku Natural Ecological Park was promoted to defend this vital source of water, considered to be the tribal peoples' lifeline. Known as "real fish", the Taiwan-shovel jaw carp is a species unique to Taiwan, with great effort from the tribal people. Underneath the shining sun, the silver-white underbelly of the fish flashes nonstop; its very beautiful.  Natural ecology is abundant within Tanayiku, and its trails are warm and secluded. You can make reservations in advance and have a guide lead you through Tanayiku's ecology. The cloudy environment, sparkling valley streams, and beautiful birds and butterflies fluttering about, certainly have the ability to make a person temporarily forget about their worries. Why not stay for a night here? There's camping sites located in the park, but you can also opt to stay at bed and breakfasts. Either way, enjoy the tranquil nighttime scene. 


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Everyday 08:00-17:00

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Full price ticket (NT$100),Ordinary discount(NT$80),under 6 years old is for free.
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Jhongshan Highway: Exit at Chiayi→159 County Highway to Chiayi City → 
Go on Tai 18 Province Highway (Shihsian Rd., Wufong South Rd.), then go on
 Alishan Highway to go up to the mountains →go to Longmei (at about 36km),and
 turn right towards the Shanmei Village; it takes about 1 hour to get there.
The South 2nd Highway: Exit at Jhongpu →Go on Tai 18 Province Highway, i.e., 
the  Alishan Highway to go up to the mountains →go to Longmei, towards the 
Shanmei Village; it takes about 1 hour to get there.