Lijia Village

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  • Phone:+886 5 251 1172
  • Address:Lijia, Alishan Township, Chiayi County 605, Taiwan View on Map
It is said that during the summer night, the silvery ribbon of stars hanging in the sky can always be seen high above Lijia. The night sky here is blue, and the Tsou people have thusly dubbed Lijia as the "Blue Tribe". There are stars in the sky, but also stars on the ground as well: the firefly season takes place every year from April until June. The fireflies in the mountains shine brightly over Lijia's rivers, turning Lijia into Taiwan's most romantic tribe. Lijia is also the Tsou's most remote location; located in the vicinity of Lijia Creek, between an altitude of 1100 and 1400 meters above sea level, and tucked within a secretive valley. Because it's located so far from civilization, it has left behind it's own plain yet beautiful and distinctive style. The tall and lofty surrounding mountains also are rich in natural resrouces. After damaging typhoons, the Lijia Tribe's original ecology recovered rapidly and two additional bamboo shoot and tea leaf processing facilities were established in hopes of attracting back the youth. As of now, there's 10 major scenic spots in Lijia such as the tribal relics along an ancient road, a 2 km long maple trail looping around the village, giant stone slabs with unique potholes, a haunted house, and many more. They all welcome those who enjoy simple and unaltered nature to come and visit. 


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National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway)
→Shizhao→County Road 169→Leye→Tefuye→Dabang→Lijia