228 Memorial Park

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  • Address:No.695, Sec. 2, Daya Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 60069, Taiwan View on Map
The Februrary 28th incident occured when the nationalist government came to Taiwan. At that time, a large-scale resistance against the government took place. It included clashes between the people and government, suppression of civilians by the military and police, attacks by locals on outsiders, and the imprisonment and even killing of Taiwan's gentry. The conflicts spread throughout Taiwan in a matter of days, and is a major historical event for the Taiwanese people. Although many years have gone by, the scars still remain inside the peoples' hearts. So in Chiayi, which suffered serious conflicts back then, the 228 Memorial Park was established, as a symbol of ethnic integration. Within the park, there's a Wailing Wall, a memorial hall, a large bronze door, as well as a 17 meters tall 228 monument and many others. They are all symbols of the past that one can appreciate.  Although the 228 Memorial Park is not large in size, it still provides relaxing and tranquil resting areas due to it not being located in the suburbs. There's also the entrance for those heading towards Lantan (Orchid Lake), and it's quite easy to reach. So if you're heading to Lantan, there's no harm in spending some time here first. It's a good place to gain some peace and tranquility. 


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Wednesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00

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Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Chiayi Interchange→County Rd.159→County Rd.159A
TRA Chiayi Station→Take City Bus 16, 26→get off at Tiyuguan stop (Chiayi City Stadium)→Qiming Rd.