Xingang Fengtian Temple

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  • Phone:+886 5 374 2034
  • Address:No.53, Xinmin Rd., Xingang Township, Chiayi County 61693, Taiwan View on Map
Every year during the New Year's period, Taiwan's news will always broadcast a certain image: a whole crowd of people waiting outside temple doors, and holding incense. As soon as its time, they rush forward to place the incense in the burner. Such a frenzied scene leaves an impression in the minds of many, and the reporters will always interview the first or couple individuals to place their incense. Typically those who are interviewed cannot hide their joy, and are confident that they have brought upon themselves a year of good luck. This is the "Incense Plugging" activity. Xingang Fengtian Temple is the host of such activities, with Mazu being the main deity worshipped. The temple's construction imitiates an imperial palace, and is both spacious and carefully designed. Fengtian Temple possesses a Japanese Emperor Tablet, from Emperor Hirohito During the Japanese occupation era, every temple was issued one, but after the war most were destroyed. However Fengtian Temple took the chance to preserve theirs. The delicate chrysanthemum watermark patterns are a rare and seldom-seen historical relic. Inside the temple halls, the god of the year, Tai Sui is worshipped. If people feel like during the past year they have offended Tai Sui, then every year before the New Year's, they will always come to the temple and pay respects to Tai Sui. Lights will be lit, and as a result Fengtian Temple is always very lively and bustling before the new year. 


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Everyday 06:00-22:00

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Singang can be reached by Road 159 (from Chiayi City), Road 157 (from Taibao to 
the south, and from Sikou to the north), and Road 164 (from Minsyong).
Parking near the temple can be difficult, so using public transportation is 
advisable. Fortunately, buses from both of Chiayi City's bus stations are frequent. 
The temple is at the intersection of Sinmin Road and Jhongshan Road.