MinXiong Haunted House

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  • Address:No.12 Yiqiao , Xingzhong village Minxiong Township, Chiayi County , Taiwan View on Map
Any place that is populated is bound to have their own myths and legends. For a while, it was popular in Taiwan to go and explore supposedly haunted locations for television programs.  Those programs absolutely did not forget about Minxiong Haunted House. Due to the hype of that time, whenever Chiayi is mentioned, Minxiong would immediately come to mind. Many travelers to Chiayi also would also come to visit.  Chiayi's Minxiong Township has been under development since early times, and the Liu family were the original inhabitants of the Minxiong Haunted House. Once in front of the ancient house, you can see its characteristic Baroque-style facade. Although long abandoned, it's not difficult to see its elegance and former splendor. Several of the traditional Chinese-styled architecture are missing their roofs, leaving them naked and exposed to the sun and moon. The courtyard, worn down by years of disrepair, is overrun by weeds, and with the intersecting and overlaying appearance of tree shadows, its no wonder that people are under the impression that the building is haunted. As soon as night falls, the atmosphere of the house becomes even more weird and frightening, and will certainly test your courage! According to legend, the Liu family had a servant girl, but because she was wrongly humiliated and accused, commited suicide by tossing herself into a well. To this day, it is said that her ghostly spirit still lingers. After the building was abandoned, an army garrison suicide occured as well as soldiers shooting their own comrades, and other mysterious incidents. All of these incidents have turned the Liu house into the infamous Minxiong Haunted House. If you have the sufficient courage, you can come and explore for yourself. Reward your valor afterwards by heading to the haunted house cafe next door! 


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