Bantaoyao Crafts Studio for Jiao-Zhi Pottery

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  • Phone:+886 5 781 0832
  • Address:No.42-3, Bantoucuo, Xingang Township, Chiayi County , Taiwan View on Map
Jiao-Zhi pottery is a type of painted pottery with a long history. Xingang Township in Chiayi, has always been a center for Jiao-Zhi pottery, and much of the produced pottery are used for decoration purposes at temples. Bantaoyao Crafts Studio for Jiao-Zhi Pottery aims to promote the art and craft of Jiao-Zhi pottery. Within the area are several pieces of collected Jiao-Zhi pottery, and tourists may also experience for themselves mosaic collages and Jiao-Zhi painting. Upon entering the garden, all the exquisite and colorful patterns of the pottery will surely leave your eyesight in a blur!  The outdoor decorations all possess traces of Jiao-Zhi pottery: not only is the garden seat pieced together from mosaics, the national theater masks on the wall are also molded. Works can be found everywhere.  And here's a secret that few people will pay attention to: there's a bitter melon wall hidden behind the entrance ticket office. It's also a work made from Jiao-Zhi pottery! The studio not only introduces the history of Jiao-Zhi pottery and its method of production, but you can also come across masters at work. This is an exquisite and delicate traditional art. With the cooperation of the government, it's being used to decorate empty spaces as well. 


Opening Hours
09:30-17:30 (Monday off)

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50 NT / person
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1.Chiayi Interchange→County Rd.159→Xingang
2.Dalin Interchange→County Rd. 162→County Rd.157→Xingang
1.TRA Chiayi Station or TRA Mingxiong Station→take bus(to Beigang), get off at Nangang police station stop→Walk about 10 mins
2.THSR Chiayi Station→take bus(to Beigang), get off at Nantan Stop→ walk about 15 mins