Zhonglun Yunshui River Hot springs

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  • Phone:+886 5 203 0000
  • Address:No.19-1, Zhonglun, Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan View on Map
In the same vein as the well-known Guanziling , Zhonglun Yunshui River Hot Springs is Chiayi County's only hot springs area. The gushing springs contain plenty of sodium carbonate, and when passing by the unique rock strata zone, you'll come across muddy clay. It's actually quite helpful and possesses curative properties for skin! Inside the newly built hot springs area, there's a male and female public outdoor bath, and 5 public family baths. Beside the baths, the half-soaked buffalo models are quite adorable. Underneath the slippery and muddy spring is a layer of soft mud, and it's just like a relaxing spa if you apply some of the mud on your body. It's reccomended that you purchase a voucher for an individual bath house. This way, not only can you enjoy your own personal space, but you can choose to go for a dip in either the public bath or private bath. It's a relatively cost-effective choice, as well. However, you shouldn't stay in the hot springs for too long! Why not take the chance to go for a stroll and enjoy the surrounding scenery? The cherry blossoms that bloom between the winter and spring seasons are colorful and rich. You can head towards small and large sized muddy ponds and watch bubbling mud or even natural gas emerge from underground. It's a place that eco-loving tourists can't miss out on! 


Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10:00-21:00
Saturday to Sunday 09:00-23:00

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100-600 NT
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Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Zhongpu Interchnage→Prov. Hwy 18→Dingzhong Highway→Zhongpu→Prov. Hwy→Zhonglun Elementary School
Take Dapu Bus then get off at Zhonglun Stop