Chuan-Zai-Tou Art Village

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  • Phone:+886 5 370 2667
  • Address:No.13, 4th Neighborhood, Chuanzitou, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County 61453, Taiwan View on Map
The small island of Taiwan is an agricultural country, but it is also an island rich in fishery resources. As a result, many villages and rural areas rely on fishing. Located in Dongshi Township's Niaosong Village, the Chuanzaitou Art Village possesses these two qualities. For a long time, the soil of the Chianan Plain provided for many farmers. However, the Puzi Creek is a major waterway heading towards the inland for Dongshi Township, and many ships crossing the seas from China would stop and anchor here, forming an unique port culture in the process. This is how the name "Chuanzaitou" originated (with "Chuan" meaning ship or boat). Once suffering from a decline in population, Chuanzaitou nowadays joins together with the community to form a tourism and sightseeing village rich in natural resources. The traditional "sanheyuan" style of residence has now become a valuable architectural art, featuring burning clay kilns, ox cart rides, kite-flying, pottery molding, oyster-shell art, and other forms of entertainment that you can try, in order to better experience rural village life. This village is also the only place in all of Taiwan where you can experience dragon boat racing year-round. Familiarize yourself with the Puzi Creek wetlands and mangroves while in a dragon boat or kayak, and gain another fresh perspective. Bed and breakfasts are also provided here, and lantern tours at night. Don't you just want to try all these activities out for yourself? 


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Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at Shuishang Interchange→County Rd. Jia 168
TRA Chaiyi Station→take bus, then get off at Gangqian Stop