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  • Address:Chashan, Alishan Township, Chiayi County , Taiwan View on Map
When on the road heading towards Cha Shan, you'll see hills brimming with betel nut trees. It may make you wonder why the name of this area is even "Cha Shan" (Tea Mountain) at all.  In reality, Cha Shan doesn't produce any tea. This is because the Tsou people originally called this area "Ca Ya Ma Vana", with Ca Ya Ma being pronounced in Japanese as "Cha Yama". Hence it's called Cha Shan in Mandarin. The first impression people usually have of Cha Shan is of its wide variety of pavilions. As a result of the Tsou's indoor burial customs, in order to avoid disturbing their ancestors, pavilions were established outside and turned into outdoor gathering places. There are nearly 100 pavilions in Cha Shan Village, whose population is less than 500 people. They are based off the concept of sharing, and every year a Chan Shan Pavilion Festival is hosted. Located within Alishan Township, the streets of Cha Shan Village are decorated with stone and wood carvings, and all sorts of painted designs. The air is fresh and clean, and is bound to make visitors feel at peace. If you are attracted by the lovely painted designs on a wall located near Cha Shan Elementary School, then there is no harm in staying for a while to admire it. Perhaps you'll also be accompanied by some curious local children, as they give you a warm Cha Shan welcome! 


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Jhongshan Highway: Exit at Chiayi→159 County Highway, going through
 downtown Chiayi City → Go on Tai 18 Province Highway, i.e. the Alishan 
Highway → connect with Chiayi 129 Line Highway at Longmei to go up to 
Chungshan Highway: Exit at Chiayi→159 County Highway, going through
 downtown Chiayi City → Go on Tai 18 Province Highway, i.e. the Alishan 
Highway→ Turn to Number 3 Province Highway at Jhongpu Township, i.e. 
going towards the direction of the Cenwun Reservoir → Turn Left at 341.5 km 
to go on 129 Line Highway (without going on the Dapu Bridge). 
PS. This route is no good for big buses.
The South 2nd Highway: Exit at Jhongpu →Go on Tai 18 Province Highway, i.e.
 the Alishan Highway→connect with Chiayi 129 Line Highway at Longmei to 
go up to Chashan
There is no direct bus to Chashan. Visitors can take Chiayi County bus aside
 Chiayi Train Station to go to the Chiayi Farm. After 1.5 hours, get off at the stop
 of Dapu Bridge. You may contact your B&B host to pick you up here.
Or you may take County bus in front of Chiayi Train Station to go on the Alishan 
Highway and get off at Longmei stop. After then you may either walk or take local 
people's small truck to the destination.