Shennong Street

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  • Address:Shennong St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 70059, Taiwan View on Map
The moment you step foot onto the brick road, you'll certainly be overcome with feelings of nostalgia. Shennong Street's plants and trees, bricks, and tiles are all very commonplace and ordinary, yet familiar and cordial. It's as if you'll run into an old friend here waving at you from a window anytime. Tainan, Taiwan's first capital prefecture, has gradually lost its former splendor after both political and economic centers shifted to the north. However, you can still feel a sense of its history in the streets. Shennong Street is located right beside Haian Road, and it was once the center for the port of entry into Tainan during the Qing Dynasty, showing just how important it was at that time. Being next to Haian Road's Art District, Shennong Street attracts the attention of many tourists and travelers with its nostalgic vibe, however it boasts a youthful atmosphere as well. The street boasts several creative and handmade shops, each adorned with simple wooden signs or carved floor tiles; all are worth seeing. Although it is quiet during the daytime, at night the roadside lights are lit and give off a yellow glow like halos, creating a whole other atmosphere. Many people choose to visit during the night so they can take a picture or go for a walk while enjoying Tainan's beauty and history. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1→Exit at the Yongkang Interchange→Prov. Hwy 1→Zhongzheng S. Rd.→Zhongyang Rd.→Zhonghua N. Rd.→Haian Rd.→Mingzu Rd.
TRA Tainan Station→take Bus 88 then get off at Shennong St. stop