Lutaoyang Jiang Family Mansion

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  • Address:No.86, Youche, Nanxi Dist., Tainan City 71541, Taiwan View on Map
The fragrance of mangoes will remind you that you've finally reached Yuching Township. Located next to Yuching's roads is a red-tiled community with a history of 200 years. This is Taiwan's most intact and oldest and largest surviving village with the same family name: the Lutaoyang Jiang Family Mansion. Situated in front of Lutaoyang Mountain, this red-tiled building at first isn't too conspicuous, however it's only after you come across the lotus flower pond in front of the house used as a reservoir that you'll discover something extraordinary. The old building is very in line with the fengshui style of thought, ranging from red procelain tiles and traditional dirt and clay construction, to  brick walls,  iron-walled rooms, concrete walls, wickerwork walls, and more, for a total of 10 different construction styles. It's the epitome of Taiwan's farmhouse buildings, and is said to be just like a living museum. The Jiang family experienced more than 10 generations of living without separation, making the house quite large scale. Although many have long moved out, 20 or so families still remain. Another characteristic that the Jiang Family Mansion has preserved is the history and culture of the "Song Jiang Zhen".  In the past, Song Jiang Zhen was used to protect the families, and when it is performed,  real blades are actually used. In recent years, the family has regained more of their traditions and customs, and continue to practice Song Jiang Zhen. Although it is no longer used to protect against outside threats, it will continue to be a tradition. 


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Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Yujin Interchange→East-West Expressway 84→Yujin→Prov. Hwy 3→Jiang Family Mansion