Tainan Confucius Temple

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  • Phone:+886 6 220 0487
  • Address:No.2, Nanmen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 70049, Taiwan View on Map
To many people, Confucius temples nowadays lack a serious learning atmosphere, and are more like a peaceful park. You can see children running around here and adults resting underneath trees. Tainan has always constantly provided a leisurely atmosphere for the people. However, this doesn't affect the historical value of Confucius temples at all, rather, its allowing people to get closer with old monuments. In the past, Confucius Temple was a government-run school. Tainan's Confucius Temple was built during the Ming Dynasty, and is Taiwan's earliest Confucius temple. It boasts the name of "Taiwan's First School". After undergoing several rennovations during the Qing Dynasty and Japanese occupation era, the study space on the left has been preserved, while the right hand side is dedicated to Confucius' 72 disciples and the ancestral tablets of successive earlier generations of Confucian scholars. There's an ancient and towering banyan tree in the large open space in front of the Confucius Temple, and along with the temple's crimson red walls and ponds, form an elegant and serene scene no matter how you look at it. Because of its relation with Confucius, the temple is also associated with students. During Teacher's Day in September (also Confucius' birthday), a cultural festival and sacrifices will be made in front of the temple. Through the temple tour guide's explanations and activities based off of the Confucian Six Arts, children nowadays can better understand history and traditional culture. The solemn and dignified ceremony is a big event for scholars in Tainan. 


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Everyday 08:30-17:30

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General Admission Ticket: NTD 25
Group Admission Ticket: 20(at least 30 people)
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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Tainan Interchange → county Rd 182 → Nanmen Rd.
Take train to Tainan Station, transfer No. 2 city bus to Confucius Temple stop.