Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area

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  • Address:No.70, Mizhi, Nanxi Dist., Tainan City 71544, Taiwan View on Map
Southern Taiwan is known for it's distinctive dry and wet seasons. To them, its necessary to keep a stable supply of water on hand during the dry seasons. The Zengwen Reservoir provides water for usage in the Yunjianan Area, and is Taiwan's largest reservoir. It can store up to 600 cubic meters of water, so many people will come to visit whenever the waters begin to overflow from the reservoir. The water torrents will rush out in a shower of droplets, like a waterfall, and its massive flow is an astonishing sight to behold. Even if you are visiting during normal times, the distant and vast waters are green, reflecting the mountains and forests. It always lets people feel relaxed. The mist-covered waters of Zengwen Reservoir have also been listed as one of the top ten landscapes for the new south. The scenic area located here is quite large, with a total of 10 activity and rest areas, including: an administrative area, riverside recreation area, Mugua Yuan (Papaya Park Hotel) area, dam landscape area, lake front villa area, and many more. If you gaze out from the observation deck, the scenery is beautiful and stunning, especially the calm surface of the lake, which is just like a mirror. Those with confidence in their own physical stamina can also tour the area on bike. The riverside recreation area is probably the best area to kill time in; many people will go there to play in the water, but remember to keep children within your line of sight. Also be careful, as you may slip in the water! 


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Nat'l Hwy 3→Exit at the Guantien Interchange→Prov. Hwy 84→Prov. Hwy 20→Prov. Hwy 3→County Rd. 174→Zhengku Highway
TRA Tainan Station→Take Shinnan Bus(To Yujin), then get off at Yujin Stop→Take Shinnan Bus(To Zhengwen Manage Bureau), then get off at Zhengwen Manage Beurea Stop