Sunrise in Erliao

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  • Address:Erliao, Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City 71342, Taiwan View on Map
When you mention the beauty of sunrises, everyone will have a certain scene in mind. Whether it be taking place in a sea of clouds or on top of the ocean, sunrises occur everyday. However, it really is quite difficult to come across the perfect scene. Coupled with the excitement of waiting for it to rise, most people tend to have a profound and long-lasting impression. Just a 30 minute car ride away from the city and with an altitude of 308 meters above sea level is Erliao Mountain, where you can see the mountaintops covered in clouds and mists. The swirling sea of clouds are like ink spilling, and you'll forget that you're only a half hour away from the city. Erliao now has four viewing platforms located all over, tribal attractions, sunrise viewing pavilions, and Lion's Head scenic spot, with each possessing its own merits. However whenever it's time for the sunrise, a whole bunch of tourists waiting to see the sunrise will always gather at the sunrise viewing pavilions. If you are fortunate enough, you can see the sun rising from the Central Mountain Range. Even if you happen to be unlucky, there's still the billowing sea of clouds for you to enjoy. The best time to view the sunrise is during spring, in particular the light that illuminates Moon World's chalky white hills makes for a magnificent sight that is on par with Alishan's sunrise! It doesn't matter if you miss the sunrise though, as you can still see the Central Mountan Range and Jade Mountain, with their abundant layers, from the viewing platforms. As you walk on the trail towards Caoshan Moon World, you'll encounter steep and bare chalk terrains along the way, the jagged ridges just like the surface of the moon. This is yet another impressive sight! 


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1.Prov. Hwy 20 →Hutoubei→County Rd. Nan168→Koubei Elementary School→Ganglin Police Station→Erliao
2.Nat'l Hwy 8 Shinhua System→County Rd. Nan 175→Koubei Elementary School→County Rd. Nan 168→ Ganglin Church→County Rd. Nan 162→Erliao