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Although Tainan is surrounded by plains, there are still plenty of beautiful mountain and forest sceneries around. If you follow the Zengwen River tributary and Ala River upstream, you'll pass by deep natural ponds, shallows, sloped waterfalls, and other terrains. It's a wonderful and eye-catching upstream route. Ala Stream Waterfalls Group is hidden here, surrounded by primitive Orchidaceae and forests. The riverbed is a slab of white stone, and the waterfalls with white spray and green waters appear differently, depending on the current water level. It's rather mysterious, and is something that not alot of people know about. However if going upstream, be careful of all the typhoon damage suffered through the years along the way. The mess of dirt and rocks may not be easy to traverse, so be sure to pay attention to your safety and equipment. En route, you can also visit Tiegu Shan Temple, and you can also camp and barbecue in front of the temple's stream. You may also directly walk on the trails near Guidan Hot Springs. Choose one of the old trails and spend around an hour walking it to enjoy both Yuching and Nanxi Townships' beautiful mountain sceneries. Another option is to walk the mountain looping trail, which will take around 4 hours. It'll detour around Guidanshan, Wannianshan, and Tangzienshan, and you'll come across hot springs, steel bridges, and more along the way. For the return trip, why not take a dip at Guidan Hot Springs since you'll be tired after all the hiking? It's the best relaxation choice! 


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Nat'l Hwy 1 or 3→Expressway 84→Prov. Hwy 20→Prov. Hwy 3→County Rd. Nan 186→Guidan Villiage