Yanshui Wu Temple

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  • Phone:+886 6 652 1264
  • Address:No.87, Wumiao Rd., Yanshui Dist., Tainan City 73743, Taiwan View on Map
It's always extremely busy and lively in Taiwan right during Chinese's New Years. Tainan City's Yanshui Wu Temple is where Yanshui's beehive fireworks, the Lantern Festival's most popular event, is prepared. If you come to Yanshui Wu Temple, you'll immediately be in awe at the imposing and mighty Guansheng Dijun (Sage-Emperor Lord Guan)  in front of the temple. He's the most popular god of wealth in the folk religion that the Taiwanese people make sacrifices to, but is also a deity of Yanshui Wu Temple. During the Qing Dynasty, Yanshui was suffering from a severe plague that caused the deaths of many. Afterwards, Sage-Emperor Lord Guan issued an edict, ordering the common people to set off beehive fireworks on the 15th day of the first lunar month in order to expel the plague. This gradually evolved to the beehive fireworks event now held every year during the Lantern Festival. Many people will always participate; with the wide array of drums and gongs, the sound of fireworks shooting into the air, the fireworks illuminating the pitch-black sky, the lively and festive beehive fireworks event has become one of the world's three major religious festivals. In addition to the temple, there's a Yanshui  Wu Temple Cultural Museum located beside it that you can visit for free. Inside, you'll be introduced to the history of Yanshui's beehive fireworks, as well as various statues of Lord Guan. You can see how from the ancient times, Lord Guan has been a great spiritual pillar and influence on the people of Yanshui. 


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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Xinying Interchange → county Rd 172 → Xinyi Rd. → Wenwu St. → Wumiao Rd.
Take the train to Xinying Station, transfer Xinying Bus (bound for Shuangchun) to Yanshui stop.