Qijin Island

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  • Address:No. 10, Hai'an Rd., Qijin Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan View on Map
After taking a ferry for about 10 minutes from Xiziwan, you'll go from a bustling city and enter right into a simple fishing village. It's as if you've stepped into a portal to the past. Qijin Island is a sand peninsula, with the southern part orginally connected with the rest of the main island. However due to Kaohsiung opening up a second harbor entrance, the connection was severed during construction. It wasn't until the underwater tunnel was constructed that the connection to the main island was restablished. However, the short ten-minute ferry ride  going back and forth between both coasts is still most popular amongst the people. At night, you can even admire the dazzling city lights of Kaohsiung's nightscape. Once you arrive at Qijin, you can rent a bicycle to ride around the island, all while enjoying the gentle sea breeze and sunshine. Ride back and forth between Qijin Lighthouse, Qihou Fort, Xingkong Trail, Windmill Park, a large shell public art installation, and many more places. Hungry yet? Qijin Old Street is a great place to try out many street snacks, but don't pass on the opportunity for fresh seafood from the fishing port! If you view Kaohsiung from Qihou Mountain, you'll gain a great new perspective of the city. You can even see Sun Yat-Sen University, located on the opposite side! From the sunset sinking into the sea at Qihou Fort, to Kaohsiung's charming nighttime scenery, if you can't bear to leave by the time night falls, why not find a bed and breakfast and stay overnight? 


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Nat'l Hwy 1 → Kaohsiung End Interchange → Yugang Rd. → Xinsheng Rd. → Zhongxing Rd. → Cross Harbor Tunnel → Qijin 1st Road to 3rd Rd. → Miaoqian Rd. → Hai'an Rd.
1.THSR Zuoying Station (or TRA Kaohsiung Station) → Kaohsiung MRT Caoya Station → Kaohsiung City Bus RED-9A/ 9B) → Qijin Ferry Pier
2.THSR Zuoying Station (or TRA Kaohsiung Station) → Kaohsiung MRT Xiziwan Station → Ferry to Qijin Ferry Pier