San-He Tile Kiln

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  • Phone:+886 7 651 2037
  • Address:No.94, Zhuliao Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan View on Map
If you admire Taiwan's authentic and traditional red tile buildings, then San-He Tile Kiln is a place that you must pay a visit to. This is because San-He Tile Kiln is a red tile kiln, rarely encountered in Taiwan. After the rising popularity and emergence of new building materials, the usage of red tiles began to decline, with San-he Tile Kin being the only remaining kiln that supports traditional methods. The bricks and tiles produced by it are used all throughout Taiwan for the purpose of rennovating national monuments and constructing temples. But faced with a declining industry, San-He Tile Kiln has started to branch out into other businesses, all while maintaining tradition on one hand and educating on cultural industries on the other. San-He Tile Kiln, which is open for tours, features unique brick and tile landscapes within its area. In particular, the tile workshop features fascinating brick and tile products, as well as arts and crafts that are admired by many. There's even miniature assembly models for sale; you can buy one and try to assemble a mini red tile building for yourself. Attached to cement, you can really experience the fun of building with bricks! 


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Exit at the Renwu Interchange→Renlin Rd.(County Rd.186)→Kaoping old bridge→Prov. Hwy 21→San-He Tile Kiln
TRA Kaohsiung Station→Take Kaohsiung Bus(to Foguangshan)→Penglai Sinchun stop