Dajin Waterfall

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  • Phone:+886 8 799 2221
  • Address:No.117, Taihe Rd., Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County 90644, Taiwan View on Map
Located within the verdant forests of Santimen Township, if you enter from a temple's side entrance, you'll be led to a small and beautiful mountain waterfall, hidden within the forests. This is Dajin Scenic Area's Dajin Waterfall. Like a strip of heavenly white silk streching across the cliffs, although the flow and volume of the water isn't too large, it contrasts nicely with the green trees and shade. On average, tourists can arrive at the waterfall after 20 minutes of walking on the trail. It's quite easy to reach. However, Dajin Waterfall features 5 layers, and normally those who want to venture and play in the water can't help but do so at the first layer. The waters here are cool  and majestic, making the waterfall a great location for spending summer holidays. When heading towards the second layer of the waterfall, it's reccomended that you take the forest trail. The third to fifth layers of the waterfall are hidden amongst the forest; for the fourth and fifth layers in particular, you'll need to go upstream. The thick shade here provides shade from the blazing sun, but also obstructs the field of view. After climbing many steps though, you'll come across a pavilion square, where you can gaze at the Pingtung Plain below. Aside from admiring the scenery, many people here will prepare to head towards the waterfall. 


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Exit at the Jiuru Interchange→Prov. Hwy 3→Ligang→Prvo. Hwy 22 →Gaoshu→Prov. Hwy 27→ Taihe Rd.→Dajin Waterfall