Sandimen Handicraft Trail

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  • Address:No.9, Sec. 2, Zhongzheng Rd., Sandimen Township, Pingtung County 901, Taiwan View on Map
If you visit Sandimen, you will surely be amazed by the local tribe's dazzling folk art. The alleys and lanes are decorated with Paiwan totems, as well as mosaics and paintings that really let visitors feel the area's vibe. Sandi Village's alleys have a chessboard appearance, and you can admire the creative layouts of the store fronts and new residences built from traditional slate. They all demonstrate the peoples' ability to coexist with nature. There's also a 453 meter long arts trail crafted by the residents. The trail links together four arts and craft workshops, and lead visitors to explore the beauty of pottery, colored glass, and iron sculptures. The trail features 1212 pieces of ceramic planks, made by the village elders and children, feature traditional totem elements mixed with modern craftsmanship. While on the arts trail, you can witness Sandimen's novelty and simplicity. The colored glass workshops here are not only a base for arts and crafts, but are also art workshops. These colored glass beads, which cannot be burned by machines, are believed by the Paiwan people to possess the power of gods and ancestors. In the movie "Cape No. 7" the "Warrior's Bead" symbolized courage and honor, and was very popular. If you have the chance to visit, you can produce your own meaningful bead, under the guidance of professionals. The "Duona High Suspension Bridge" is a long and thin, brightly-colored suspension bridge that stretches horizontally across the Zhuoshui River Valley. Like a piece of string, it connects both sides of the Zuoshui River. As early as the Japanese occupation era, this bridge has served as the Rukai people of Duona Village's important gate to the outside world. Many have waited here, seeing off the departures and waiting for the return of their people. The bridge spans 232 meters in length, and sits at a height of 103 meters. It's known to be Southeast Asia's number one suspension bridge in altitude. And although the bridge's safety railings are quite secure, even if you aren't scared of the heights the bridge will still feel rather unstable when you're walking across it. If you accidentally glance down at the grand river valley below, your feet will certainly start trembling! However, since the bridge is located at a relatively high location, you can easily see the entire Zhuoshui River and the surrounding hills and scenery. The field of vision is wide and vast. Different sceneries are offered during the dry and wet seasons, with each possessing its own merit. Coupled with the cool mountain breeze, this area is worth a visit. Nowadays, bicycles and motorcycles are not allowed to pass through the bridge. If you have to park, you must use the parking lot near the suspension bridge. From the parking lot, you'll need to climb a short road before you'll reach your destination. Although some of the steeper sections of the road may get cause you to gasp for air, but the views along the way are worth it!


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Exit at the Changzhi Interchange→Prov. Hwy24→Sandimen Township