Historical Iron Bridge across the KaoPing River

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  • Address:No.109, Zhuliao Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan View on Map
Once Asia's longest iron bridge, this bridge also once carried the important responsibility of serving as the link between Kaohsiung and Pingtung. With a hundred years of history, the bridge was designed by a Japanese engineer, spanning a total of 1526 meters in length, and features an elegant shape and design. After 1987, a new KaoPing Iron Bridge finally opened , and the purpose of the old iron bridge declined. The shores of the KaoPing River underneath the bridge are now a riverside wetlands park. The entire area does not utilize any pesticides, and instead relies on manpower for mowing and weeding so that ecology can breed faster. It's become an optimal location for birdwatching. Not only is there an recreation and rest area here, but there's also specialty railway coffee. Visitors can sit down at the wooden terrace and enjoy the surrounding scenery, all while sipping a cup of rich and aromatic coffee. You really can't get any better than this! In addition, this area is also a favorite for photographers.  The sunrise and sunset, as well as everchanging colors in the vast skies above, are reflected upon the hundred year old bridge, giving it a lovely vibe. However, keep in mind that the mosquitoes in the grass sting terribly, so mosquito repellants are a must have! 


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Exit at the Jiuru Interchange→Prov. Hwy 3 →Pingtong→Jianguo Rd.→Kaoping Old Bridge