The Jin-Shui Camp National Trail

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  • Address:198 County Highway, Fangliao Township, Pingtung County 940, Taiwan View on Map
This 500-year-old-trail exists as a witness to Taiwan's history. Ranging from the Dutch, the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Japanese occupation era and the KMT government, many epic tales have happened here. Early on, this trail was used for transactions between the Han and the indigenous peoples, and was also the route that the Pingpu people took when they emigrated to Taitung. The original trail, which was more than 40 km in length, was built into a western half and eastern half by the military camp. The western half is a forest trail accessible by vehicles, while the eastern half is the "Jin-Shui Camp National Trail", stretching 15 km in length and located at an elevation of 200 to 1,450 meters above sea level and overlooks North and South Dawushan. On the trail there's the remains and ruins of the Chu-Shui Hill Shrine , Jin-Shui Camp's Qing Dynasty camp site, and Jin-Shui Camp's Japanese occupation era guard stations. It's as if you've traveled through time, and have gone back 500 years in Taiwanese history. However, the trail's environments are moist and damp, and is often crawling with blood-sucking leeches. You can visit anytime during a drier season, such as from October until April, and walk on the trail. This way, you can avoid being harassed by the leeches. However before entering the trail, you'll need to go to the Guichong Police Station and apply for an entry permit. It's reccomended that you have a guide lead the way, all while having them explain to you the historical remains nearby. This way, your mountain trip will be full of stories and tales. 


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Exit at the Nanchou Interchange→County Rd Ping187B→Prov. Hwy 1 →Zhonghua Rd.→County Rd 198→Zhonghua Rd.→Zhongcheng Rd.→Xingkai Rd.→Kantou Embarkment→The Jin-Shui Camp National Trail