Kenting National Park

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  • Address:94644 No.596, Kenting Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County , Taiwan View on Map
Kenting, aside from being a well-known scenic and vacation hot spot, also features unique geological environment and marine ecology. Due to it being a rich ecology classroom, it has become Taiwan's first national park. Kenting National Park comprises of Maobitou, Nanwan, Kenting National Forest Recreational Area, Eluanbi, Nanrenshan, and other areas. Terrain wise, it includes, but is not limited to the ocean, rainforest, lakes, sandy shores, coral reefs, and grasslands. The ecology here really is quite abundant. The "Visitor Center" established by the administration is also interesting, and gives brief introductions of Kenting's various scenic spots. The Resource Exhibition Hall displays plenty of fossils and specimens, and explains Kenting's history from a natural history perspective. If your group number is larger than 20, you can even make an appointment to have a commentator explain for you. This way, you can gain a deeper understanding of Kenting, in addition to all the normal well-known spots! The observation deck installed in this area allows you to view the Kenting scenery between Nanwan and Xiaowan. Here, you can also buy many specialized books and unique Kenting souvenirs. It is especially recommended that you take a look at the prize-winning photography displayed here, in particular the photograph of the Sika deer, running in the woods and mountains. The feeling of peace that you get is quite soothing. 


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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Nanzhou Interchange → county Rd Route 187B → Prov. Hwy Route 1 → Prov.Hwy Route 26 → Kenting(Kending) National Park.
1.Take plain or train to Kaohsiung Station, continue by Kenting(kending) Bus (No.9117 toward Kenting(kending)) to Kenting(Kending) National Park.
2.Take THRS or train to Zuoying Station, continue by Kenting(kending) Bus (No.9188 toward Eluanbi) to Kenting(Kending) National Park.
3.Take THRS to Zuoying Station, continue by Kenting(kending) Express Line (No.9189 toward Kenting(kending)) to Nanwan Station,then transfer by Kenting(kending) Shuttle Bus (Orange Line, toward Kenting(kending)) to Kenting(Kending) National Park.