Hubaotan Lake

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  • Address:Shuangxi Dist., New Taipei City 227, Taiwan View on Map
Located in the Shuanxi District of New Taipei City, Hubaotan Lake is a secretive, quiet and serene spot. Follow the river into the mountain after passing the Mudan and Shuanxi Station for about an hour to get to Hubaotan Lake. There's a trail off the road that leads down into the mystical valley. This is where the Beishi River originates from. Next to the lake there are two hills that are shaped like a fierce tiger and a leopard, thus earning its name of HubaoTan (Lion Leopard Lake). On both sides of the lake are lush green forests, with a wooden path by the water within arm's reach. With crystal clear water swarming with fishes and green trees reflecting off the surface of the water, it truly looks like a scene from a poem. During the fall season, the mountain flowers bloom, covering the whole valley. It truly is breathtaking. The Hubaotan trail is around four kilometers long and takes less than half an hour to finish the trail. There are plenty of rocky trails by the water that you can navigate as well, but be careful of rainfall, as it may be slippery and the river could flood.


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County 106→Prov. Hwy 2C→Shuangtai Industry Road
TRA (Shuangsi station), then walk 15 mins to Shuangsi high school and connect to Shuangtai Industry Rd.